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Story of the Week

2013-11-11 02:23:15 by Entice

So when I was at Petsmart on Friday buying stuff for triops I got some aquarium ornaments with no price tag, figuring they'd be cheap. I forgot how overpriced that shit is at Petsmart ($11 for a little bag of river rock? over $20 for a small synthetic ornament?) and ended up overdrafting my account cause I wasn't paying attention

I returned all the frivolous stuff before I even left the parking lot, but my balance remains -$5 cause it hasn't gone through and I'm too embarrassed to ask my parents for food money cause I spent too much on aquarium ornaments. Since I had 0 food in my room and no cash it looks like I'm mooching off my friends until I get my paycheck on Tuesday. Luckily I got free pizza at work and today my friend bought pizza for everyone and a Monster for me I'm grateful to have friends that feed me.

This has been your story of the week.


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2013-11-11 03:09:26

I saw a documentary a long time ago, where a fired autoworker raised rabbits to pay the bills. Her sign read "Rabbits, for pets or food" Town shut her down, because she didn't have an expensive setup or costly permits (her dead rabbit prep area was clean and adequate) :\


2013-11-12 10:16:47

Cool story man.


2013-11-12 13:33:44


Entice responds:



2013-11-12 19:01:28

The doge is eternal and unchanging.