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Entry #183

My name is Kayla

7/5/14 by Entice
Updated 7/5/14

Look I drew a cute little heart and everything yayyy



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yeah you are
fuck you n****rfaggot bitch ass n***a ass whiney ass pussy n***a cunt

7/6/14 Entice responds:

I bet you fuck ur mom u faggy little eurocunt

who u calling a fggt genderqueer
no offence

7/6/14 Entice responds:

At least I'm not a feg

can i know it @SCTE3 plz

7/5/14 Entice responds:

No you're not allowed fgt



Yea, I've decided on a name. I'll let you know in a PM sometime if you want to. :)

7/5/14 Entice responds:

Please do

I've always called @SCTE3 Steve before the coming-out.
I vote for Stephie or Stephanie.



Nice handwriting, I thought i was the only to draw hearts with my name. <3

7/5/14 Entice responds:

Thanks, I spent a while practing it <3
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